Cats Dental Problems? DENTA SURE All-Natural Oral Care Spray – Review

Have you tried disparately to brush your cat’s teeth, but the more you struggle to pry his jaw open, cat-dental-problemsthe more he/she squirms, fights and yelps?  That was Georgia and me some time ago until I noticed that she was not eating well and consequently losing weight.

When I took her to the Veterinarian, he told me that my cat had dental problems and quoted $600+ for tooth extraction and cleaning under anesthesia, as she was diagnosed with Periodontal Disease.

I didn’t want to take the risk especially because Georgia has breathing problems and the vet couldn’t assure me that after the procedure she was going to be fine.

Very sad and concerned about my cat’s dental  health, I told myself…   It has to be something different!  and immediately started the hunt for an alternative method, which I finally found two days later.   It is a spray that actually works so well that when I took Georgia to the veterinarian again, he couldn’t believe it!  Now, he recommends the product to everyone.

I know that many pet parents have dental problems with their cats, for that reason I would like to share the information and benefits of this amazing product :


DENTA SURE All-Natural Oral Care Spray – Product Overview

DentaSure for Cat dental problemsDentaSure oral care product works by combining four essential ingredients that work in unison to strip away to reach layers of tartar buildup.  This effective product cleans, protects, and whitens cat’s and dog’s teeth.  It comes in 2 versions: spray or gel.  For the purpose of this revision, I am going to write about  DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray which is the one I am using now.

The product contains the four most powerful ingredients recommended for good pet dental health (and good human dental health, too) by holistic veterinarians and dog dental hygienists.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Propolis Extract
  • Pure Stevia


1. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)

Miracle antioxidant multipurpose (broad spectrum) compound from organically grown grapefruit frequently used in humans and animals for the treatment of gum disorders, oral infections, tooth plaque/tartar, bad breath.   GSE is a favorite among clinical practitioners for treatment of Colds and flu, sore throats, strep throat, sinusitis, ear inflammation, pain, cold sores/herpes, digestive upsets, diarrhea, parasitic infections, etc.

As a bonus benefit, GSE alkalizes the body fluids (raising pH) which is very important as disease-causing microforms, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses quickly die in an alkaline oxygenated environment.

2.  Grape Seed Extract

It is well known that grapes and raisins are harmful to dogs but the Grape Seed is completely different from the pulp in its chemical composition.  Grape pulp must be avoided, but seed extract is not only harmless to cats or dogs but also quite beneficial.Grape Seeds

In addition to healing teeth and gums in animals and humans, its powerful antioxidants strengthen blood vessels, improve skin, aid in circulation, and reduce the risk of cancer.  In Europe, Grape Seed Extract is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of gum disease, tooth decay, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, water retention, collagen damage, and arthritis.

One of the polyphenols found in Grape Seed Extract is called resveratrol. In a Harvard Medical School study, resveratrol increased the survival rate of human cells after exposure to DNA-damaging radiation and extended the lifespan of human cells in another test by up to 70%.  Therefore DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray not only whitens and protects your pet’s teeth while guarding against diseases of aging, significantly extending their lifespan.

3. Propolis Extract

This miracle mixture gathered by honey bees is Nature’s ultimate antibiotic, it combats harmful bacteria without destroying friendly bacteria the body needs.  Propolis actively prevent cavities by protecting against tooth decay and other forms of oral disease without destroying friendly bacteria the body needs.

Several scientific studies reveal that those who take Propolis regularly escape winter colds, sore throats, cancer sores, and appear to develop a natural immunity to common viruses including various strains of flu. 

4. Pure Stevia

steviaThis extraordinary herb has been used around the world as a sweetener for centuries. It contains not a single calorie – no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors.  Stevia has been shown to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay, making it a common ingredient in popular toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Stevia is also widely used in dog foods in the USA because does not raise blood sugar levels.


How  DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray works?

Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria and sugars that constantly forms on our teeth. It is the main cause of cavities and gum disease.  Without daily removal, this sticky plaque surface attracts even more bacteria which soon hardens into a buildup of tartar.

Tartar itself is colorless but tends to stain easily. This accounts for the unsightly brownish-yellow coating. The staining is not usually to the teeth but to the tartar, also called calculus, buildup.

DentaSure uses two of nature’s most powerful antibiotics to destroy pathogens and undercut tartar: Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) and Propolis.


Why is DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray  “alcohol-free”?cat drinking alcohol

Filling a pet’s water bowl with beer or wine isn’t the only way a dog or cat can be exposed to alcohol. They can also get exposure by drinking or licking up cooking products that contain alcohol, personal products such as mouthwash or perfume, cleaning products – or by getting into alcohol-containing cough syrups or other medications.

The two top manufacturers of pet oral care sprays, as their respective labels reveal, add 25% straight grain alcohol (Ethyl alcohol) to their well-known products. This is equal to a 1.25 ounce straight shot of whiskey.

While alcohol is common and cheap; even in small amounts, is harmful to dogs and cats.  Total body acid surges and, over time an acute metabolic acidosis can occur. What is merely an annoying hangover to a human can become a matter of life and death to a dog or cat because they unlike in humans are not equipped with the protective enzymes that allow humans the ability to metabolize alcohol.

In fact, a cat’s liver is so ill-equipped for breaking down brew that two teaspoons of whiskey, according to the Columbia Animal Hospital, is enough to put them in a coma. A single tablespoon will kill them.

How to use DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray?

DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray comes in a 4 oz.  bottle specially designed to simply spray the product on your dog or cat’s teeth twice each day for 2 to 4 weeks, then once a day for ongoing maintenance.  First results are usually seen within two to five weeks with progressive improvement as use continues.  It’s best to apply at least 30 minutes before or after feeding. (Instructions for cats and dogs are on the label).

before and after DentaSureAs soon as you apply DentaSure, your cat (or dog) will lick its lips, roll its tongue around, and swallow. The licking and rolling are due to the pleasant taste. This also helps to distribute the solution evenly throughout the mouth, allowing the ingredients to begin dissolving and washing away plaque and tartar.

Manufacturer and Price

DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray was created by Gary Le Mon,  a Board Certified Master Herbalist specializing in natural home remedies for dogs and cats.  He is the Founder and chief formulator of Natural Wonder Products, the company that was created to deliver directly to the consumer naturally safe and effective pet health care products.


Natural Wonder Products has two money-saving offers for this product.

  • Special Introductory Instant Rebate:   Regularly $39.95. Buy one (4 oz. alcohol-free) bottle for only $29.95, saving $10.00.
  • Buy ONE (4 oz. alcohol-free) bottle at the regular price of only $39.95 and get another bottle FREE, that’s 2 for the price of 1

Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray is guaranteed to meet your complete satisfaction or your money back.  If you are not satisfied with the product, you simply return the unused portion to Natual Wonder Products within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H), no questions asked.

It’s conclusive, DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray Rocks!DentaSure spray Bottle

Based on my experience and the good results we got using DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray,  I rate this product 10/10.

As Pet Lovers,  we all consider our pets part of the family and we want them to be healthy.  If this sounds appealing to you,  DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray is a much better alternative than using the toothbrush.

If your pet is having dental problems, I hope this review will help you to avoid the pain and risk of teeth extraction and anesthesia usually associated with pet’s dental problems and try DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care Spray,  the revolutionary product that has changed the lives of many pet parents and their furry friends.  CLICK HERE if you want to get your DentaSure ® All-Natural Oral Care Spray.

Thank you for your visit!  If you have any questions or if you want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.


  • Don says:

    Very informative article and nicely written. My family recently lost our cat due to old age, but we have always wondered how to keep the teeth clean in both our cat or dogs.

    I have a Pomeranian that is hard to brush her teeth because of the small size of her mouth and unwillingness. I have seen this oral spray before, but without a review such as this it is hard to make the decision to buy.

    I also have a website here at WA focusing on pets, but to date I have focused more on dogs than cats. I appreciate you having one that focuses on cats.

    If you would like to review or look at my site, it is:

    thanks for this great review.

  • Diellebee says:

    Interesting Article! I didn’t know cats suffer of periodontal diseases and such like their human friends.. That spray sounds so great, I don’t have a cat (I used to but died tow decades ago) but many of my friends do and that spray seems to be a natural non invasive treatment. I’ll tell them about it or send them to here because it’s worth a mention! Thanks 🙂

    • Martha says:

      Hi Diellebee,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Actually, our pets suffer of periodontal, gingivitis and some other oral diseases and most of the times we don’t realize  because especially cats are experts in hiding their pain.

      That’s why it is very important to take them to the vet first for a complete check up and then at least once a year because it is crucial to keep track of their overall health.

      That spray works really well, hope your friends get the chance to try it, it works for dogs and cats:) Let me know if they try it ok?

      Thank you,


  • Nate Kidd says:

    This is a great review. I had not heard of this oral care spray but I have had a few dogs that really could have used this product if I only knew about it then.

    I think the care of animal teeth is one of the things many owners do not really take into consideration but we should.

    I like the price and it seems very simple to use. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review.

  • Brian says:

    Hi Martha, this is an excellent article. I’m so glad that you introduced me to this product. I don’t have cats but I do have dogs who are complaining about the state of their teeth. I am definitely going to be giving this a try! Denta Sure sounds like the solution to me.


    • Martha says:

      Hi Brian,
      Thank you for your comment! Absolutely, you should give it a try to this excellent product, it will make your life easier and your dogs will be very happy 🙂
      Let me know how it goes, OK?

  • Debbie says:

    My dog’s teeth have been neglected… I’m not one to grab a toothbrush and wrestle her down to the ground! This product sounds great. She does not have decay yet from what I can see, but this sounds like a better preventive measure than rawhide bones!

    Thank you for all of the awesome research into these ingredients!

    • Martha says:

      Hi Debbie!
      Yeah, pets don’t like toothbrushing, it is unnatural for them. Georgia and I used to have a fight every day about that until I got tired and neglected his oral care too. Unfortunately, due to that, she got periodontal disease. Luckily, I found this wonderful spray, which is helping us to improve her oral health.
      Before it gets worst, try to start using the spray, I am sure you and your dog will love it 🙂

  • Shelley says:

    What a great informative article! As a prior cat rescuer and owner of all the leftovers (I have about 40) I know that cats can have many issues with their mouths and teeth. For some reason, we tend to feed our dogs better food then we do our cats which I think contributes. I am always excited to learn of a new product that is easy (relatively… are cats ever easy? I say as the cat on my lap shreds the paper in front of my computer) and effective. I love to hear of new products with stevia, which is also beneficial for treating lyme disease. It is a bit pricey for us multiple cat mouth homes.. but I am inclined to try a bottle for the couple of cats that have herpes issues. Do you have any experience with giving it to cats that are also on Lysine for herpes? Thanks for presenting such a wonderful review!

    • Martha says:

      Hi Shelley!

      Thank you for being such a great cat lover!  You are right, cats are not very easy but maybe that’s why we love them so much 🙂

      I don’t have experience with Lysine for herpes but I don’t think there is any problem, as the ingredients in the spray are all natural and it doesn’t contain any alcohol.

      I would recommend you to give a look at this product which also works very well

      Hope it helps! and let me know if you try them OK?

      Thank you!

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