What cat should I get? Don’t think too much!

Now that you took the decision and you are sure you want a cat in your life, Congratulations! you made a wise choice, Cats make great companions… this is a very important step in your life and your future cat’s life!

I am sure you have many questions like: What cat should I get?   should I get a male cat or a female, a kitten or an older cat? a purebreed or a mixed breed instead.

With this Post, I will try to help you answer those questions so, let’s start!

A Kitten or an Adult Cat? What Cat Should I get?

  • If you are a quiet person and you like you household peaceful, a grown cat is a better choice for you.  Kittens are like kids, they like to be running around and exploring whatever they see.
  • Grown cats are usually trained to a litter box.
  • Adult cats may already have ben spayed/neutered and had its “shots.”
  • People naturally gravitate toward the kittens.  For that reason, a grown cat will be grateful and ever happy to find a new home.
  • If you are 65 or older,  it is always possible that you will not outlive your cat, so an older cat would be an excellent choice.  Even adopting a “special needs cat” (blind, deaf, an amputee or otherwise “disabled”) you will get a wonderful companion as these cats compensate for their “disabilities” with a wealth of love and devotion for their human savior.
  • If you have school-age children, it would be a good choice to adopt a cat who is one or two years old.  She/he can grow up with your children.

P. S. With the overwhelming overpopulation of cats nowadays, it is a great idea to consider getting your cat from a shelter.

Male Vs. Female

What-Cat-Should-I-GetIf you are asking yourself what cat should I get? A male or a female? Just be aware that there isn’t really big difference between male or female cats if they are neutered.  Just like people, cats have different personalities and that’s  the main difference between these furry friends.

If they are not neutered, whole male cats will fight for territory if outdoors. Indoors will liberally spray their strong scent on walls and curtains, to mark their territory. Whole females will also spray on occasion. Worse yet, each time they go into season, they will make themselves and you miserable with loud yowls and bizarre body gyrations.  Once spayed, their personalities improve.

Mainly for  this reason, it is important – as I wrote in my previous Post – to have your cat spayed or neutered by a veterinarian once it reaches maturity (usually after six or seven months of age)

Male cats are loving and loyal but some other people prefer female cats for being “cute and elegant”.  Bottom line is that you will try to look for personality first then if it is important for your, narrow it down to sex.

Should I get a Pedigreed Cat?

Perhaps you have a friend who has that particular breed, or maybe you went to a cat show and fell in love with “that” cat.  It is important to consider that unless the breeder has years of experience with genetics, and carefully chooses their breeding stock with the cats’ full pedigree background, undesirable traits will creep into the breed.  Reputable breeders will screen their cats and offer guarantees against known physical problems in their breed.

On the other hand, domestic mixed breed cats (not of a specific breed, but a domestic cat) are of unknown parentage.  They can be adopted from a shelter or a rescue organization, which is really the best choice because you are helping to stem the cat overpopulation problem and have possibly saved the life of the cat.

If you adopt a shelter cat keep in mind that because of the crowded conditions of many animal shelters, it is important that you take the cat for a checkup and immunizations prior to bringing him into your home.

Should I have my cat declawed?

NO, please! Can you imagine the feeling of having your fingernails removed? Declaw is cruel, painful and unnecessary.

Cats have to scratch for many reasons:

  • it is instinctual
  • to mark territory
  • nail maintenance
  • relieve stress, etc.

But they can be easily trained to scratch the appropriate objects and avoid scratching furniture, couches and carpets.  With the right scratching Post, a horizontal scratcher, good cat nail clippers, and some patience your cat will learn soon which are the right objects to scratch.

Should I let the cat outside? should-I-let-the-cat-outside

There is no evidence that an outdoor cat is happier than an indoor cat with plenty of stimuli. Cats aren’t like dogs, they don’t “need” to go outdoors.  I think that for the cat’s  safety, cat owners should keep their cats indoors.

Letting your cat outside, in addition to the risk of accidents or being at the mercy of predators, it increases risk of all manner of problems including infection, predation, trauma, hypothermia and myiasis (fancy word for getting infested with maggots).

However, cats who go outside under supervision and are kept on a leash or on a fenced patio can enjoy the outdoors while suffering minimal risk.

In the end, although there are good reasons to keep your cat inside, if you see that your cat looks unhappy and starts showing interest in going outdoors, you will have to take the decision if you want to let him/her out or not.

In summary …

If you have been asking yourself: What cat should I get? keep in mind that cats often live for around 20 years, so you and your furry feline friend will be together for a long time.  If you give him/her plenty of love and affection and treat him/her as one member of the family,  you will enjoy a relationship you never dreamt about!

Did you make your decision about what cat should you get? Let me know when you get your furry friend and if you have any question or I can help you, don’t hesitate in contacting me.   I will be very glad to help you!

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